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👋🏻  Hey there. I've spent over 6 years defining, building and marketing products that take complex concepts and data and present them to users in a way that's simple and actionable. Whether in Education, Ad Tech or SaaS, the problem is the same - and solving this is what gets me out of bed each morning. Well, that and some freshly-ground coffee...

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I wanted a better way to share the things I discover on a weekly basis, as well as formalising some of the thinking and writing process I go through.

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I currently write, produce and publish content at ChartMogul, where my team's goal is to educate the market on growing and measuring a SaaS or subscription business. ChartMogul is the leading subscription analytics platform, used by hundreds of businesses to understand customers and grow revenue through data.

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I've been a huge fan of podcasts for years, and to me the space is only intensifying in potential and excitement. The audio format is so interesting because it's inherently more intimate than a written format (you're in someone's ears for half an hour!) yet more practical than video, which requires user attention and dedication. I listen to podcasts when I walk, wash dishes, clean, and wherever my brain is inactive.

  • SaaS Open Mic

    SaaS Open Mic is a podcast I run for ChartMogul, with the goal of telling the stories behind successful SaaS and subscription businesses. Talking to their founders and business leaders, SaaS Open Mic goes beyond the obvious strategies you read about every day, and digs to the core of what makes each business unique and interesting.

  • Berlin Startup Radio

    Berlin Startup Radio is a podcast focused on the startup scene in Berlin. Although it's no longer active (maybe one day it'll be resurrected...) it was featured in the "New & Noteworthy" front-page section of iTunes, and therefore gathered a nice audience from day 1.


I got into photography partly because of other photographers in my family, and partly due to a curiosity with the technology. For me today, it's a form of escapism and a way to blend technology with raw creativity, where almost anything is achievable as long as you obey the laws of physics. I have shot for several dance and fashion projects, as well as some events and portraiture.


I like to build things. Sometimes, this involves following an impulse to build something random, or solve an annoying problem for myself.


Lately I've been speaking about SaaS Marketing and Content strategy, the story of ChartMogul as well as hosting several panels on entrepreneurship.


You can reach out through Twitter, email or by phone.