ChartMogul | director of content (analytics)
Fyber | product manager (ad tech)
SponsorPay | product manager (ad tech)
RM | software engineer (software)
Stowood Scientific Instruments | engineer (biomedical)

Berlin Startup Radio | founder & host
SaaS Open Mic (ChartMogul) | host

SaaStock 2017 | speaker
Machine Intelligence Exchange Summit 2017 | panelist
Pipeline Summit 2016 | speaker
SaaS Meetup Dublin 2016 | panelist

ed.coffee | a newsletter for the curious
fourhourbook.club | books recommended on the Tim Ferriss Show
spoken.io | netflix for podcasts

Published in: Financial Times | The Times | The Week | hey woman! magazine
| lifestyle
Patricia Zhou
| fashion
Staatsballett Berlin
| dance
Wil Whiting | fashion
CLYC | technology
Co-found Berlin | events

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